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After decades of relentless space expansion, the emergence of ecommerce and the post-Lehmans years of austerity, retailing has arrived at THE key moment in its history. The economics of the industry are changing. Most of the fundamental factors that have determined what has worked and what has not for years past, are now being severely challenged. This is the context for richardtalksretail.com. The website focuses on identifying and addressing the key issues, examining key companies and markets against the new and emerging criteria which will determine who wins and who doesn’t.

“I have known Richard for many years. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the retail industry and I have always found our conversations interesting, informative and thought provoking.”

Lord Simon Wolfson CEO, Next

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For 30+ years Richard has been analysing and advising on retail markets and their key players. Over this period he has gained an inside track on the sensitivities around customer demand, the retail businesses serving each market and the management teams that lead them. He has advised most of the leading players and many of their suppliers from product and property to marketing and finance. This is a premium service supporting senior people in and around the industry with:

  • Thought leadership
  • What’s happening… and why
  • The implications
  • Winners and losers – who – why
  • Issues – what, why, how to address them
  • The future landscape

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  • Access to Richard
  • Strategic workshops p.a. tailored for Boards/leadership teams
  • Insight – retail strategy papers discussing key issues, companies
  • Data – the numbers around changing retail economics and retail sales
  • Analysis – what the data mean and the implications
  • Forecasts – mapping out the future landscape
  • A programme of strategic thought leadership plus access to Richard is designed to deliver a personalised service addressing your needs.


Access is flexible and can be tailored to company needs. Cost is therefore flexible too. Get in touch to discuss what best suits your business. Call on 07946 379 264 or email at: richard@richardtalksretail.co.uk

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